So far so good, vision approached a mission for the future. An institution of higher education has only one mission which is also ours – “to facilitate a just equitable and human society”.

Ours is a multi faculty college with more than a dozen of departments. Different faculties and departments gives rise to an organic unity. Our aim is to cultivate the mind of the students as they may adjust themselves to the complicated social environment of the day. Cicero has rightly said – “Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food is to the body”.

We envision to make the system more and more student friendly and learner oriented day by day. New methods of teaching and upgrading the delivery system are being assimilated.

Efforts for faculty improvements, involvement of teachers in research activities alongwith class-room teaching, and their participation in orientation programmes and refresher courses has become the regular features of the college. We have the experience of organizing national level seminars & conferences for many times. Experiences hone the skill of Mankind. Such fruitful academic activities will certainly ensure quality education.

The college is striving hard to bridge the gap between education and employment. Some vocational, professional and job-oriented courses, such as B. Ed, B. B. A. etc. has been running for last many years. The motto of our college is to expand the intellect of the students and enable them to stand upon their own feet. Into-to, our vision is to ensure complete qualitative education.