Our Objective

The Objectives of RSP College, Jharia is to translate our vision as well as mission into reality. Our core objectives is to toil hard rightly from dawn to dusk for the betterment of students. We must achieve the specific object with “Collective action”, “Collective devotion” and “Collective heroism”. Our objectives are our Golden rules:  –

1.To link up the whole set-up of the institution for securing quality education at college level.
2.To enhance the quality of teaching learning and research further and further with the opening of new horizons.
3.To ensure total educational experience for its students in terms of process.
4.To take value dimension of the education always into account.
5.To undertake quality related research works, consultancy and training programs.
6.To establish new links with research organizations of national and international levels.
7.To organize seminars, conferences, workshops and interactive sessions on regular basis.
8.To arrive at collaboration with the stakeholders for quality control, promotion and sustenance within the frame work of the rules and regulations of Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag of which the college is a constituent unit